We need some info:

  1. Your name - first and last!

  2. Your email address

  3. Your phone number (the one you will answer, please)

  4. Your top size

  5. If you want a vegetarian meal _ it's chicken otherwise!

Pay for your package online with your credit card or Paypal account via Paypal, or contact us for online banking transfer (TT banks only) or to pay to a committee member near you.

If you need to pay another way, just call us on 868-271-3447 or reply to the email we send you when you've submitted the form and we can work it out...

  • TT$650.00 or US$100.00

  • EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: TT$550.00 or US$85.00 by Dec 18th.

  • Includes

    • tank for women, vest for men

    • 2 tubes of blacklight reactive face and body paint in 2 contrasting neon colours

    • cup

    • food

    • drinks

    • flushable lavs with attendant

    • security

    • extras

Meet we by de Savannah before 4am, get yuh first drink, touch up de paint and ting (yuh fix up before yuh leave home??) or get yuh fren an' dem to help fix it up from scratch...

We raving from 4am!

  1. No returns, no refunds

  2. You can sell your package on to anyone you like, but the size and type you bought is what they get.

  3. You MUST wear the RADIOACTIVE! security band to access services from us (drinks, food, bathroom, etc)

  4. You are not allowed to share said services with anyone not wearing a RADIOACTIVE! security band. Doing so automatically forfeits your own rights to said services.

  5. You MUST be 18 years old or over to participate freely.

    • If someone in your group is not over 18 years old, then we must have signed permission from a parent or guardian and he/she must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for his/her welfare.

    • NO ALCOHOL will be served to anyone under 18 years of age.

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